Conceptualized by Debasmita, as her graduation project at NID, Ahmedabad, Aadikara was outlined as an experimental platform through which she envisioned exploring the medium of glass to create wearable artefacts and functional accessories, but beyond the existing and conventional usage, as observed and experienced around us. The idea was to break the certain and fixed perspective, which surrounds the nature and properties of glass as a material and to visualize it in an open and diversified repertoire of application. Exploring the fragility, maneuverability, amalgamation with other materials and the possibilities of treating glass, to express style and ornamentation, with an unconventional form and a fresh attitude, became the root ideology and philosophy, which would take Aadikara ahead as a design label. Since its advent in 2017, Aadikara has evolved into a lifestyle accessory brand, primarily known for its unique flamework glass jewelry, with a fast growing online and offline presence and client base, across the globe. A design language incorporating symbols, icons and motifs from nature, culture and stories, combined with a bold and fearless use of glass, in a form which had been rarely seen before. This has resulted into a range of glass earrings, neck pieces and other accessories for men and women. These accessories, apart from bringing a sense of freshness in the way one can ornament themselves, have also broken the conventions, in a convincing magnitude, prevalent in the domain of jewelry design, particularly involving glass as one of the elements


The Designer

Debasmita Ghosh is a Designer and an Entrepreneur, based out of Ahmedabad, India. Through her brand, Aadikara, she is venturing into wearable glass accessories and lighting design since 2017. She is an alumnus of National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT), Rae Bareilly, in Accessory design and National Institute of Design (NID), Ahmedabad, in Ceramic and Glass design. She draws her design inspiration, from the details and nuances of natural and man-made life, that surrounds her. During her vivid experiences she feels fortunate to have found these in wealth, across the natural and cultural landscapes of the places she has grown up in or has traveled to. She likes to define her work as a meeting point, of a well crafted design process, artisans working with different material at various craft clusters and an audience, which embraces her experimental approach with accessory design and exploring glass as a medium of expressing style and fashion; Poignant, Bold and Exquisite.

The Design House

At Aadikara, Debasmita designs with a minimalistic approach, to create simple yet profound building blocks in glass and metal and whenever required, brings these blocks together to create jewelry and other accessories, which in their final form, appear as detailed, multi-dimensional and carefully layered and which she intends, shall add to the attire and persona of the user carrying them.

The entire design process, is carried out keeping in mind the available techniques to manipulate both glass and metal as the main materials, the subsequent production, aesthetic value as well as the functional ease. The attention to detail, also includes imbibing an effortlessness with which the accessories can be carried by the end user. The aim is to always achieve a balanced workflow in which each and every part of the process compliments each other, and which adds an element of sustainability to the way the products at Aadikara, come to life.

Reflecting the inspiration, along with the human touch which goes behind hand-crafting each artefact, she aspires that her work should expand and morph into nothing less than a work of storytelling; a manifestation of time, space, workmanship and emotions, represented as a story told in glass.