Celebrating fragility
We are a lifestyle accessory brand, primarily known for our unique flamework glass jewelry.

Conceptualized by Debasmita, Aadikara was envisioned
as a platform for exploring the medium of glass to create wearable artefacts and functional accessories,
but beyond the existing and conventional usage, as observed and experienced around us.

Jewellery Orbs These designs emulate the geometrical richness of an orb, a form which is always a treat to experiment with. Subtle and bold, at the same time, the result is a range of jewelry, which is suitable for every occasion and attire.
jewelry Jhumkas Emulating a traditional form of earrings, these designs are rooted in the intricacies of the flamboyant side of Indian culture. These range of earrings are a perfect companion for a glamorous and royal attire.
jewelry Calla Lily This range of jewelry is a loud, profound and melodious ode to the sensuousness, ingrained in a marvel of design found in nature: Calla Lily flower.
jewelry Flora Inspired by the plethora of delicate and alluring flowers found around in the natural world, this range of jewelry brings to you, the vibrancy of nature, manifested in the form of wearable accessories
jewelry Dandelion A unique amalgamation of Glass and Silver, this range of accessories, is an attempt to bring together eloquence and purity in the form of jewelry. It is a perfect companion, to state the delicate yet tenacious aspect of you, through style and fashion.
jewelry Egyptian This collection of jewelry, is inspired by the works of art, which have survived in the form of icons and symbols, tombs and monuments dating back to the ancient Egyptian times and the insight which they have brought with them, about life and afterlife.
jewelry Galactic Stars, their trails and the bigger center of existence toward which everything is drawn and around which everything circles, forms the inspiration for this range of statement, avant-garde jewelry.